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Canara Robeco Equity Tax Saver Fund – Direct Plan

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The second largest ELSS fund on the list, Canara Robeco Equity Tax Saver Fund – Direct Plan, has an AUM of 3602.19 Cr, according to Value Research’s 5-star rated ELSS funds. The fund has produced returns of 18.96% over three years and 15.36% over five. The fund has produced returns that are 36.81% less than those of Bank of India Tax Advantage Fund and Quant Tax Plan based on yearly or calendar returns. However, the fund’s rolling average return of 15.3% is significantly higher than the Quant Tax Plan’s.

The current NAV of the fund is 114.82, and it has an expense ratio of 0.66%, which is lower than that of the bulk of other ELSS funds. ICICI Bank Ltd., Reliance Industries Ltd., Infosys Ltd., HDFC Bank Ltd., and State Bank of India are the fund’s top five holdings. The financial, technology, energy, capital goods, and automotive sectors are all included in the fund’s asset allocation. The fund invested 61.46 percent in major corporations, 15.9 percent in mid-cap equities, and 5.6 percent in small-cap stocks.

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