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IPO Investment with Discount Brokers in India

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Online stock brokers in India called Discount Brokers provide retail clients with no-frill trading accounts. Compared to full-service brokers, they only charge a small portion of the brokerage (commission). For stock market investors and traders who can trade independently using the trading software offered by the broker, there are low-cost trading services available.

A free mobile trading app, a trading website, and an installable trading terminal are all provided by the online stock broker.

Why do discount brokers not offer IPO, Bond, NCD and Mutual Funds?

Discount brokers don’t provide extras like relationship managers, margin funding, research reports, or advice services. Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits, Insurance, NCD, Bonds, and other products are also not offered by discount brokers.

Common services offered by discount broker in India :

  • Trading in equity at the BSE and NSE (Delivery, Intraday, and F&O Segments)
  • Currency Derivatives Trading at NSE (F&O Segment)
  • Commodity derivatives trading at MCX (F&O Segment)
  • Demat Account
  • Call and Trade (At small additional fee)
  • Free trading software is available. the trading terminal, a mobile device, and a website
  • AMC’s Free Trading Account
  • No down payment or minimum balance

Services not offered by discount broker in India :

  • Advisory & Research Reports
  • Margin Funding
  • Relationship Managers & Trainings
  • Local (neighborhood) support
  • IPO, Mutual Fund, Insurance, FD, Bonds, NCD etc.
  • Loans – Home, Auto, Personal etc.
  • Banking Account

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