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Nippon India Small Cap Fund – Direct Plan

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Value Research has given the fund a 4-star rating as of the time of this writing. It was founded on January 1st, 2013. Nippon India Small Cap Fund Direct- Growth had assets under management (AUM) of 18,358 Crores as of June 30, 2022, and the fund’s NAV was 94.19 as of August 4, 2022. Compared to the majority of other products in the same category, the fund’s expense ratio of 1.04 percent is much higher.

Nippon India Small Cap Fund Direct- Growth has produced returns of 12.52 percent over the most recent year and an average of 25.08 percent annually since its start. On the basis of the fund’s trailing three-year performance of 35.73%, a monthly SIP of 10,000 started in this fund three years ago would have grown to almost 6.23 Lakh at this point. TI Financial Holdings Ltd., Grameen Financial Services Pvt Ltd., NIIT Ltd., KPIT Engineering Ltd., and HDFC Bank Ltd. are the fund’s top five holdings.

Capital goods, chemicals, finance, consumer staples, and technology sector allocations are all included in the portfolio. 66 percent of the fund’s holdings are small-cap firms, 12.38 percent are large-cap equities, and 18.38 percent are mid-cap stocks. The fund invests 96.76 percent of its assets in Indian companies.

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