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These terms of use (hereby referred to as the ‘Agreement’) govern your use of wealthsutra.com and all its subdomains and unless terms and conditions expressly state so, other websites offered by wealthsutra.com. Any Web pages, services, content, newsletters, databases and information (hereby collectively known as the ‘Services’) are wholly owned by the publishers of wealthsutra.com as the case may be.

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Wealthsutra.com reserves the right to deny or restrict, at its sole discretion, access, registration, subscription to its Website, its services or any portion thereof, without notice or justification. wealthsutra.com also reserves the right to terminate your access, registration or subscription (including user name and password), at its sole discretion, and process your refunds, wherever applicable.

We may modify the Agreement at our sole discretion and without notice to you.

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The information contained in wealthsutra.com is updated on a periodic basis. However, the Content is not intended to provide professional advice on any of the Services provided.

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