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Tracxn Technologies Limited IPO

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Tracxn Technologies is a provider of market intelligence data for private firms. The company was established in 2013. Customers are able to seek and track organisations across sectors and geographical locations to meet their needs thanks to the huge global database, bespoke solutions, and features offered by the company.

This company is considered among the top five players worldwide in terms of the number of companies profiled that give data on private market enterprises across a variety of industries and geographical locations. As of the 31st of May in 2021, the company operates a Software as a Service (also known as “SaaS”) platform called Tracxn. 

This platform has scanned over 662 million web domains and profiled over 1.84 million entities across 2,003 Feeds that are categorised across industries, sectors, sub-sectors, geographies, affiliations, and networks worldwide.

As of the 30th of June in 2022, the company had 3,271 users spread across 1,139 Customer Accounts in over 58 countries. Among the company’s customers were many Fortune 500 companies and/or affiliates of such companies.

Through its Tracxn platform, the business gives its customers access to data on private companies for a variety of purposes, including deal sourcing, the identification of M&A targets, deal diligence, analysis, and the tracking of emerging themes across industries and markets, among other applications.

Competitive Strengths:

  • One of the most important sources of market intelligence information to private enterprises all over the world
  • a global client base that is varied, loyal, and ever expanding
  • Technology platform that was developed in-house and is secure, in addition to scalability.
  • Significant financial benefits derived from operations situated in India
  • Promoters with extensive industry experience, a board of directors, and a senior management team, all of which are supported by prominent investors

Objects of the Issue :

In order to reap the benefits of listing the equity shares on stock exchanges and the sale of up to 38,672,208 equity shares by the shareholders who are selling their shares, this transaction must take place.

Tracxn Technologies

Tracxn Technologies IPO Timeline :

The first public offering (IPO) of Tracxn Technologies begins trading on October 10, 2022, and continues until October 12, 2022. The date for the Tracxn Technologies initial public offering (IPO) bid is from October 10, 2022 at 10:00 AM through October 12, 2022 at 5:00 PM. On the day when the issue is closing, the confirmation of a UPI mandate must be completed by 5 PM.

Tracxn Technologies IPO Lot Size :

The initial public offering (IPO) lot size for Tracxn Technologies is 185 shares. One retail investor can submit an application for a maximum of thirteen lots, which equals 2405 shares or ₹192,400.

Application Lots Shares     Amount

  • Retail (Min) 1 185     ₹14,800
  • Retail (Max) 13 2405     ₹192,400

Tracxn Technologies IPO Promoter Holding :

  • Pre Issue Share Holding 50.93%
  • Post Issue Share Holding 35.65%

Tracxn Technologies IPO Review :

Up until the most recent fiscal year, TTL reported annual losses. Its purported financial statistics expressed in thousands of rupees looks to be a smokescreen. The issue is priced extremely high, taking into account earnings for the first quarter of fiscal year 23 and discounting any potential positives in the short term. 

Since this is a pure long-term play, investors might wait to buy at a discount after the stock has been listed because it might take some time to make up for losses that have been carried forward. There is no risk involved in avoiding making this pricey wager.

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