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Zerodha Kite vs Zerodha Pi – A Comparison of Trading Platform

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By number of clients, Zerodha is India’s top stockbroker and provides its clients with a variety of trading platforms.

Zerodha began using NSE NOW before switching to Omnesys NEST and Tradelab (Zerodha Pi). Finally, they created Zerodha Kite, their front-end trading program.

Their in-house trading platform, called Zerodha Kite, was constructed on top of the Omnesys API, RMA, and OMS. Zerodha is discontinuing all other trading software it has previously given, including Zerodha Pi, Zerodha Trader (Omnesys NEST), and NSE NOW as Kite gains popularity.

Zerodha Pi : 

Pi, a brand-new and innovative piece of software from Zerodha, was introduced in July 2015. It offers superior charting, Algos, strategies, and backtesting, as well as Expert advisers for strategy alerts. All zerodha customers have free access to this portal. Traders may develop their own strategies, backtest them, and execute trades right from the chart thanks to their built-in strategies and quick order input screens. Pi provides warnings and trading signals as well. Included attributes:

Advanced charting: Pi completely distinguishes itself from other trading platforms with its “Trade from Chart” function. They offer a complete analysis suite with 10 different chart types, over 80 indicators, and various sketching tools.

Algos, strategies, & backtesting: In addition to a variety of order types, including bracket and cover orders, Pi also allows scripting for algorithmic trading. TradeScript, the programming language included with Pi, can be used by traders to create strategies for buying or selling a stock. In order to verify your strategy’s effectiveness, back-test it using past data. Pi contains sophisticated machine learning-based analytical tools like pattern recognition, neural networks, and genetic algorithms. These features are incredibly helpful when coupled with all the free data that Pi offers.

Expert advisors for strategy alerts: The corpus of scripts created by trading pundits on Zerodha is also accessible to traders through “Expert Advisors.”

Real-time portfolio update: Real-time portfolio update, a special feature of Pi’s monitoring tool, displays current earnings or losses in your portfolio.

Additional Features :

Multiple Market Watch: Using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + W, users can create up to 5 market watches. 50 scrips in total can be added by default across 5 market watches. Depending on usability, the user can increase the count to 250 (User Settings->MarketWatch tab).

Find Symbol: Using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F, users can add numerous stocks to the specified market watch.

Chart toolbar additions

  • Conversion of TimeFrame from Minute to Hour to Daily.
  • It is also possible to choose the timeframe (Days for Min/Hr and Years for Daily).

New indicators added: 

  • Supertrend Indicator
  • Donchian Channel Indicator
  • Average True Range (ATR)

Edit Chart Tools: Click the chosen chart-drawing tool twice or with the right mouse button.

Option Calculator (Black-Scholes Greek Calculator): Shortcut is Ctrl+O. 

Layout Saving: After leaving Pi and logging back in, the user can store the configuration of the various windows. From User Settings->MarketWatch, the setting can be made active.

Connection Logs: Using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+W, the user can display or hide Connection Logs.

Zerodha Kite : 

Zerodha KITE, which was introduced in November 2015, is a web-based, lightweight HTML 5 trading platform that can be utilized on smartphones, tablets, and browsers. One can trade in their preferred language using the KITE platform. Since most traders do not speak English as their first language, Zerodha has made this platform available in 11 different languages, which gives users more comfort.

At the very bottom of the login screen, you can choose your preferred language. Kanadda was the original language of availability, and it is now also offered in English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, and Punjabi. Currently, Android users can get Kite mobile from the Play store. Six different chart formats, more than 100 indicators, and 19 sketching tools are available.

According to Zerodha, “KITE” is compact and utilizes 175th the amount of internet capacity as a regular trading platform. Advanced technical analysis charting is available, with infinite data for all stocks and more than 100 charting indicators. KITE looks up 70,000 stocks on numerous exchanges. Features Consist

  • Low weight
  • Easy of use
  • 11 distinct languages are offered
  • Unlimited data and more than 100 graphing indications

Zerodha Pi v/s Zerodha Kite :

Pi and Kite are two excellent trading platforms offered by Zerodha, and since each has its own advantages, each must be chosen in accordance with the user’s specific needs.

Kite is an extremely lightweight browser-based version, making it the ideal platform for use on portable electronics like tablets and smartphones. It features a very user-friendly design, excellent charting, simple search and filter functionality, lightning-fast trading, and more.

Full-scale, windows-based PI has many more features and indications than Kite. Day traders will love this platform. Pi has more features than Kite, but picking one of them comes down to preference.

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